Creating a Vision

Creating a Vision powerpoint

What needs to be changed in your classes, department, or institution? You will want to be able to reference some qualitative or quantitative data that supports the need to change.  This might be in the form of institutional data, surveys, or meeting minutes.

Post your response here.

Guide to creating a vision statement

Do this exercise with a partner or a group.  You will post it on your website.

  • Choose FIVE words that represent your vision of what you hope your institution (or department) will become twenty years from now.
  • Then draw an image that demonstrates the relationship between these words.  Be as creative as possible.
  • You can take a photo of the image you create and I will demonstrate how to post it on your website.

Post all the following exercises on your site:

  • Introduction
  • Definition of Leadership
  • Orientation planning outline
  • Vision for your department or college with an image to represent it
  • Any other relevant professional information

Description: This discussion describes the importance of creating, articulating, and implementing a vision.  Having a picture and a map of the vision are important aspects of carrying out a vision. This exercise allows students to envision a tower and map out a strategy to build it.


• To illustrate the importance of planning in reaching a goal

• To show how teamwork and delegation of labor help to implement a vision

• To demonstrate how every team member contributes to a vision


1) In this project students will work as a team to build a tower using only the following materials:-

  • A stack of newspapers
  • 10 full-size paper plates
  • 10 drinking straws
  • 1 roll of masking tape
  • 1 pair of scissors

3) The team’s task is to build a three-dimensional freestanding tower using only the materials provided.  The tower should be original in design, attractive, able to stand independently, durable and portable.

4) Each team will be given 10 minutes for planning.

5) Each team will then have 20 minutes to build its tower.

6) The following rules apply to building the tower: Teams may use only the materials provided.

Teams cannot assemble any of the materials during the planning phase. Towers must be able to stand without any outside support (i.e., it cannot be attached to the floor, ceiling, wall, or a team member).

7) Towers will be judged on the following criteria: height, creativity, strength, and attractiveness.


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